The Crossroads

Your Princess is in another castle.
Lorkal spat blood onto the cracked floor as he casually brushed soot from his robes, “Fucking demon.” The charred husk of the demon they had released still lay smoldering on the floor in front of him. Roland looked different, weaker and less of himself and they knew it was going to take some work from Sinclair to get him back to normal. Ivan and Lorkal setup a defensive perimeter as best they could and let Sinclair and Roland get some rest. Domingo took to his new found post of watching over the child and after a few hours Sinclair had Roland right as rain and the group pushed forward. They moved at a crawl, Roland took the lead and disabled numerous traps as he went. Datatomapoplous was rarely conscious now and made for poor conversation as he bounced along strapped to Ivan’s back. Lorkal offered a slight sigh as they continued on and not for the first time he wondered how many Dungeons and amazing quests this group had in them before their luck finally ran out. Dormitories. They had to be, much like the school where he had first trained before all of this adventuring had started. There was a struggle here, Roland led them into each room and more of the puzzle was revealed although answers seemed to be in short supply. One thing seemed certain, Nox’amon was part of this. Confusion…the time period didn’t add up, something was wrong – It was like they were looking into the past, watching the Master of Necromancy take the final plunge into the void and emerging the Lich. This must had been years ago…Decades…Centuries? Lorkal didn’t know and he was starting to like their prospects of getting out of here even less. The Orb. The god damn Orb. The item he had been brought back to life to obtain. It was here…Unguarded…and it was amazing. Life. Death. Birth. Everything everywhere was in this orb. The group couldn’t figure it out, they scoured the Journal of Mistress Bianca, whom they believed may have had some insight into it and they came upon a magical script that none could read except the author. Fuck, Lorkal thought…For all we know we are standing hundreds of years in the past and the only person who can read this may be centuries back to the mud. One thing was unanimous – The Dragon could not get this Orb. He was immensely powerful, and wholly evil. The Crossroads, and more specifically Lorkal, toed the line of Evil but up until this point their actions overall had never been out of malice or hatred – They could not say the same for this Dragon. If they gave him his orb that might very well be cursing this realm to a darker fate than they could predict….And that did not sound good for business. “Fuck the Dragon, Fuck the forest – Nox’Amon dies and the Contract is fulfilled. We aren’t the Order of the Brightspear or the Kings Own…We don’t travel the realms performing heroic deeds for those in need out of the goodness of our hearts. We do the job as we always have. We stay alive and we live to see the next contract.” The debate was short lived – Although some of them didn’t feel as strongly about it as Lorkal ,the decision made was along the same lines – The Job came first, they would figure these other issues out later. The Dormitories held clues to the fall of the Master of Necromancy and his rebirth as Nox’amon the Lich. The final piece of the puzzle was when Roland stumbled upon his Phylactery in his old quarters. The group kept it in case it would prove useful later. After checking all the rooms, and coming across a few magical items, they pushed forward and upwards – To the 8th floor. Books. Magical Tomes. Histories of nations long ago turned to dust. Lorkal could have cried it was so beautiful. What was that? That fucking stench…The fucking guttural growl…That god damned Telepathic voice. Demon. Lorkal darted glances at his companions, from their expressions he could tell they were receiving communication as well. Not good.

He shot a few idle threats back telepathically, he knew where this was going though. A Nox’Amon pawn left to deal with intruders would not be bargained with. Lorkal turned his head to left, popping his next as he prepared to mouth the words for a Spell he had never attempted, his most powerful to date. But…Nothing…He felt his intelligence slip away..The words were lost. The thoughts were gone. His mind, always open and grabbing every tid bit of information was closed. Who were these people around him? Friends he thought. Maybe. This was hell, there could be no doubt. Without his mind….He was nothing. Nothing.
Who..Who was next to him. Touching him, the words were infused with something. He felt the door open. He was bathed in the light of information, of thought, of power. He was back, thank you Sinclair. As he came back to his senses he saw that the battle had already begun to take shape. They all knew this dance and they were fucking good at it. Blades and Spells made quick work of the Demon and none of them were too worse for wear. What the hell did that Demon say his name was? Dalaramananananomia. Really rolled off the tongue, shame he wouldn’t see reason and join the winning side.
Behind the library there was a door – Roland got it open and they saw the sun scorched desert on the other side, a lone hut was in the distance. They all went through the door and immediately the sweltering heat hit them. They approached the hut and came upon an Archmagi…Yarra. Oh fuck. Lorkal knew that name, he knew it from his classes at the Mage School. And he knew that Yarra was a powerful Archmage from several thousand years ago. He silently prayed they didn’t just lock themselves in the past.
Yarra proved to be an ally. He fought Nox’Amon and was banished here. He was now cursed, unable to utilize spells that allowed for teleporting or spacial shifting of any kind. But he knew how to help and required us to get several books from a Library in southern Scrotasia. One book would give him the knowledge to break his curse and the other would show us how to bind Nox’Amon to one Phylactery. Yarra also gave us a key to utilize the portal on the lower floor – This allowed us to Teleport back to Scrotasia from the school and avoid having to confront of the Dragon, at least for awhile.
We teleported to a small building not far from Intercity – Once there Lorkal got them back to The Crossroads. Something had been different with the time, although they had been gone less then a week it seemed that over three months had passed since they began their journey. They would need to be careful next time they were in that school. That also gave Nox’Amon three more months to do as he pleased. Time was of the essence – They had Kenrick secure them passage on the next ship heading south and then the party set out.

Report to the High Seat of Pelor
An excerpt of a report regarding the investigation of the Lich Noxumon

After slaying the first 3 elementals we steeled ourselves and entered that last portal where we dispatched an Earth elemental gaining the final stone. With the four stones we were able to activate the center platform that turned out to be an elevator of sorts. It brought us to the entryway to what we have surmised to be the magic school mentioned in my earlier investigations.

Two large, ominous statues flanked the door. The Crossroads Members expressed trepidation about approaching the door. Their fears were justified as Roland “The Swift” revealed that this was some sort of trap that he was able to expertly decommission with his… particular skill set. This group keeps showing the value of their experience in this expedition.

We began walking the halls of the institution until we entered a room with a Vulpine Humanoid and a group of children near an altar. There was no doubt that his motives were malicious and so came a battle to save the innocents that required slaying this spellcaster and overcoming the two large skull demons that joined the fray. Usually taking the healing role it felt satisfying to final deliver a righteous blow and watching their darkness flee in the light of Pelor like the vermin they were. It was too dangerous to be able to care for so many young lives so I summoned a pride of celestial lions to guard them for as long as possible. I ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers, as they are in mine.

I should note my growing concern with the wizard, I know him evil and with his astute mind I am sure that he knows my suspicion. Compared with the blight that is Noxumon he might have a seat on the Astral Plane, however I can’t help but worry if in the long run I will be proven wrong about which is the lesser of the two evils. I will continue to shine Pelor’s Light in his presence so that his soul may someday find the peace of light.

We then came to a room that was like a balcony overlooking the cosmos. What wonders they must explored when this school was in its prime. Now flanked by 3 Celestial Dire Lions we had to pass through a stairwell that tormented our minds. Despite his immense power Ivan seems to find the least elegant ways to pass these obstacles, yet the large man gets things done.

We entered a room with hideous beings feeding on the remains of automatons and fight to save the last functioning construct in the room. Though damaged, Datapapopalus or Data, was deemed capable of salvation. He is now strapped to Ivan’s back as we progress through the dungeon.

We quickly move the an alchemy room where some herbs are gathered and continue on where we seem to have entered an endless forest. We relentlessly march forward until set upon by some terrible creatures that seem a mix of horse and abomination. We quell their onslaught and send them into everlasting rest before we finally lay down our burdens and rest for the trials to come…

4-3-13 Dungeon Crawl Recap

With the Naga in the lead the group made their way through the pillars that made up the maze. Lorkal did his best to make a map of the trail through the maze so that their return trip wouldn’t leave them wandering lost for eternity…As he already had decided the return trip would be without the Naga. Having made it through the maze and coming to a door the group came to a brief stop. Lorkal met eyes with both Roland and Ivan, exchanging knowing nods. Lorkal’s words were curt and spoken very matter of fact, “Would someone be so kind as to cut this thing to pieces.” He offered a slight wink to the Naga as the realization of what was about to happen spread across the beast’s face. Before the Naga could spring into the waters beside them Roland and Ivan had diced it to pieces. Sinclair’s face was not of surprise but of disappointment – As the group had promised to spare the Naga’s life in return for its help through the maze. They proceeded into the next room and Lorkal made sure to spit upon the corpse as he stepped over it. “I’d rather not have met it and whatever friends it could rile up on our way back here.”
The next area was a set of stairs which descended downwards. There was a long stretch, a right hand turn, another stretch and another right hand turn – Always descended. They kept heading, what they thought, was down for several hours until it became apparent that something wasn’t quite right. Ivan crossed his arms over his massive chest as he waited for the “Thinkers” to do their part. After it became rather apparent that no brilliant plans were forthcoming he remembered the True Seeing Lamp that he always carried with him. With Ivan in the lead the group made their way downwards again, at a slow pace so that Ivan could keep searching with the Lamp. It revealed a hidden passage which the group followed into an open room. There was a symbol on the floor of the room which Lorkal identified as a Teleportation circle. Roland wasted no time and went through it. The rest of the group had no choice but to follow behind him.
The area they entered was awe-inspiring. Floating boulders at various heights, and five of them had colored pillars of light coming down onto them. Red, Blue, White and Orange (Not actually sure if this was the fourth color..) With a central platform covered in a green light with a pedestal on it. It became apparent that these colors represented Elements and that each color landed on a teleportation circle. The group went through the Red one first. Within they met and destroyed two fire elements – obtaining a red stone from the room. They next entered the Blue teleportation circle where the fought a massive water elemental – Obtaining a blue stone from this room. The third one they entered was the white circle. They fought an air elemental and obtained a white stone from the room. This room was different though – It contained a chest with several items for the group as well as a pyramid like stone.

Nice Night for a Walk
A brush with death and his closest friends

Following a lead about missing missionaries in the north, the Crossroads discoveries that disappearing issue was not only confined to men of the cloth. They waded into a spooky swamp forest only to be ambushed by a Nightwalker and some Wights.

After recovering from this trial they once again braved the unholy copse only to be set upon by 4 more Nightwalkers, a battle that seemed difficult but far from bleak, that was until the icy touch of the outsiders claimed Lorkal Tor’Nabin life before the battle had even truly begun. One by one the Nightwalkers fell though pushing the rest of the party to their limit.

Without time to even address their fallen comrade or to savor their bittersweet victory, a gust of wind heralded the landing of a massive Black Dragon

King Ivan

Ivan challenged the leader of his tribe “The People of the Teeth” and defeated him in mortal combat. I’m pretty sure Lorkal helped him by casting buffs undetected.

The Roof is on Fire

Twin Elven assassins attacked the Crossroads Tavern while the group was away, killing some peeps and burning the tavern down.

The Fire Elemental

The crew attacked the fire elemental. Then had to run away. They prepared with fire resistance. Then dominated it in round two.

The Necromancer Tower

So I don’t remember much about why where going to the necromancer tower, but didn’t lorkal jump out a building? er somthing…The druid fell asleep in the woods for most of it. He ate some funky mushrooms.


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