The Crossroads

Nice Night for a Walk

A brush with death and his closest friends

Following a lead about missing missionaries in the north, the Crossroads discoveries that disappearing issue was not only confined to men of the cloth. They waded into a spooky swamp forest only to be ambushed by a Nightwalker and some Wights.

After recovering from this trial they once again braved the unholy copse only to be set upon by 4 more Nightwalkers, a battle that seemed difficult but far from bleak, that was until the icy touch of the outsiders claimed Lorkal Tor’Nabin life before the battle had even truly begun. One by one the Nightwalkers fell though pushing the rest of the party to their limit.

Without time to even address their fallen comrade or to savor their bittersweet victory, a gust of wind heralded the landing of a massive Black Dragon


choninja Marcon

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