The Crossroads

Report to the High Seat of Pelor

An excerpt of a report regarding the investigation of the Lich Noxumon

After slaying the first 3 elementals we steeled ourselves and entered that last portal where we dispatched an Earth elemental gaining the final stone. With the four stones we were able to activate the center platform that turned out to be an elevator of sorts. It brought us to the entryway to what we have surmised to be the magic school mentioned in my earlier investigations.

Two large, ominous statues flanked the door. The Crossroads Members expressed trepidation about approaching the door. Their fears were justified as Roland “The Swift” revealed that this was some sort of trap that he was able to expertly decommission with his… particular skill set. This group keeps showing the value of their experience in this expedition.

We began walking the halls of the institution until we entered a room with a Vulpine Humanoid and a group of children near an altar. There was no doubt that his motives were malicious and so came a battle to save the innocents that required slaying this spellcaster and overcoming the two large skull demons that joined the fray. Usually taking the healing role it felt satisfying to final deliver a righteous blow and watching their darkness flee in the light of Pelor like the vermin they were. It was too dangerous to be able to care for so many young lives so I summoned a pride of celestial lions to guard them for as long as possible. I ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers, as they are in mine.

I should note my growing concern with the wizard, I know him evil and with his astute mind I am sure that he knows my suspicion. Compared with the blight that is Noxumon he might have a seat on the Astral Plane, however I can’t help but worry if in the long run I will be proven wrong about which is the lesser of the two evils. I will continue to shine Pelor’s Light in his presence so that his soul may someday find the peace of light.

We then came to a room that was like a balcony overlooking the cosmos. What wonders they must explored when this school was in its prime. Now flanked by 3 Celestial Dire Lions we had to pass through a stairwell that tormented our minds. Despite his immense power Ivan seems to find the least elegant ways to pass these obstacles, yet the large man gets things done.

We entered a room with hideous beings feeding on the remains of automatons and fight to save the last functioning construct in the room. Though damaged, Datapapopalus or Data, was deemed capable of salvation. He is now strapped to Ivan’s back as we progress through the dungeon.

We quickly move the an alchemy room where some herbs are gathered and continue on where we seem to have entered an endless forest. We relentlessly march forward until set upon by some terrible creatures that seem a mix of horse and abomination. We quell their onslaught and send them into everlasting rest before we finally lay down our burdens and rest for the trials to come…


choninja Marcon

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