Water Genasi Wizard, Member of The Council


win brother of the Fire Genasi, Cinder. Polar did not start out as evil – But after traveling with his Brother he gained an apathy for civilization and grew a distrust of those in it – Who were constantly trying to kill his brother. Killing started to come easy – and he continued to care less and less.

Polar is the only person that seems to be able to rein Cinder in – Not that he can keep him under control, but Polar has a fairly good chance at preventing Cinder from attacking his allies.

Cinder was exiled from his family at a young age – They didn’t know what to do with him after he burnt their town and killed multiple townsfolk. His family couldn’t be brought to see him executed so that smuggled him out of the village and exiled him from ever returning.
Polar couldn’t let his twin wander the world alone – So he joined him in exile.
The two of them grew their power through quests into ancient tombs and monster’s Dens – Polar did everything he could to keep Cinder from civilization.

The Oathbreaker provided a home and a family for the two of them – A place with Cinder’s disease was viewed as a gift and a place where Polar no longer needed to worry for his brother’s well being.



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