The Crossroads

4-3-13 Dungeon Crawl Recap

With the Naga in the lead the group made their way through the pillars that made up the maze. Lorkal did his best to make a map of the trail through the maze so that their return trip wouldn’t leave them wandering lost for eternity…As he already had decided the return trip would be without the Naga. Having made it through the maze and coming to a door the group came to a brief stop. Lorkal met eyes with both Roland and Ivan, exchanging knowing nods. Lorkal’s words were curt and spoken very matter of fact, “Would someone be so kind as to cut this thing to pieces.” He offered a slight wink to the Naga as the realization of what was about to happen spread across the beast’s face. Before the Naga could spring into the waters beside them Roland and Ivan had diced it to pieces. Sinclair’s face was not of surprise but of disappointment – As the group had promised to spare the Naga’s life in return for its help through the maze. They proceeded into the next room and Lorkal made sure to spit upon the corpse as he stepped over it. “I’d rather not have met it and whatever friends it could rile up on our way back here.”
The next area was a set of stairs which descended downwards. There was a long stretch, a right hand turn, another stretch and another right hand turn – Always descended. They kept heading, what they thought, was down for several hours until it became apparent that something wasn’t quite right. Ivan crossed his arms over his massive chest as he waited for the “Thinkers” to do their part. After it became rather apparent that no brilliant plans were forthcoming he remembered the True Seeing Lamp that he always carried with him. With Ivan in the lead the group made their way downwards again, at a slow pace so that Ivan could keep searching with the Lamp. It revealed a hidden passage which the group followed into an open room. There was a symbol on the floor of the room which Lorkal identified as a Teleportation circle. Roland wasted no time and went through it. The rest of the group had no choice but to follow behind him.
The area they entered was awe-inspiring. Floating boulders at various heights, and five of them had colored pillars of light coming down onto them. Red, Blue, White and Orange (Not actually sure if this was the fourth color..) With a central platform covered in a green light with a pedestal on it. It became apparent that these colors represented Elements and that each color landed on a teleportation circle. The group went through the Red one first. Within they met and destroyed two fire elements – obtaining a red stone from the room. They next entered the Blue teleportation circle where the fought a massive water elemental – Obtaining a blue stone from this room. The third one they entered was the white circle. They fought an air elemental and obtained a white stone from the room. This room was different though – It contained a chest with several items for the group as well as a pyramid like stone.

Nice Night for a Walk
A brush with death and his closest friends

Following a lead about missing missionaries in the north, the Crossroads discoveries that disappearing issue was not only confined to men of the cloth. They waded into a spooky swamp forest only to be ambushed by a Nightwalker and some Wights.

After recovering from this trial they once again braved the unholy copse only to be set upon by 4 more Nightwalkers, a battle that seemed difficult but far from bleak, that was until the icy touch of the outsiders claimed Lorkal Tor’Nabin life before the battle had even truly begun. One by one the Nightwalkers fell though pushing the rest of the party to their limit.

Without time to even address their fallen comrade or to savor their bittersweet victory, a gust of wind heralded the landing of a massive Black Dragon

King Ivan

Ivan challenged the leader of his tribe “The People of the Teeth” and defeated him in mortal combat. I’m pretty sure Lorkal helped him by casting buffs undetected.

The Roof is on Fire

Twin Elven assassins attacked the Crossroads Tavern while the group was away, killing some peeps and burning the tavern down.

The Fire Elemental

The crew attacked the fire elemental. Then had to run away. They prepared with fire resistance. Then dominated it in round two.

The Necromancer Tower

So I don’t remember much about why where going to the necromancer tower, but didn’t lorkal jump out a building? er somthing…The druid fell asleep in the woods for most of it. He ate some funky mushrooms.


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