Jácob Of The Wild

Member of the Crossroads - Elf Druid


Jacob of the Wild was a druid who was part of Ivan, Lorkal, Jarkus and Marcon’s original adventuring group. One day Jacob of the Wild seemingly just went to sleep in a beautiful glade and was never heard from again. That was approximately 4 years ago.

Recently Leo and The Daring stumbled upon this glade and encountered the Dryad which had been keeping Jacob of the Wild in a magical slumber, additionally she was also raping him raw whilst he slumbered. After dispatching the Dryad, Leo dispelled the magical slumber and Jacob of the Wild awoke. Jacob of the Wild asked about Ivan, Lorkal, Jarkus and Marcon and The Daring told him what they knew of Ivan and Lorkal, and of The Crossroads. Jacob of the Wild was last seen heading towards Intercity to meet up with his old friends.


Jácob Of The Wild

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