Truk "Rags" Gnarl

Half-Orc Ranger, Member of The Council


Born in the Sky Teeth mountains as the by product of an Orc raid of a Barbarian Village. Rags excelled in all things violent. No one knew the Teeth better than he – The weather, the trails, the ambush and choke points. Rags outgrew his Orc tribe, which treated him like filth for his mixed blood. He left the tribe and made a name for himself – Although he never knew this, the human Barbarians called him Specter, as he would drift in and out and leave a trail of death behind him.

Rags partnered with another villain of The Teeth – Griff Boulder. For years they canvassed The Teeth, killing the humans with abandon. That all changed when The Oathbreaker came.

Rags has now left The Teeth and joined The Council, doing their bidding.


Truk "Rags" Gnarl

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